Ron and Jon … where do I even begin? They had one of the most beautiful, joyful, and emotional wedding weekends I’ve ever been lucky enough to be a part of. One might sometimes forget the true blessing that marriage is, and how it might be taken for granted, until you are surrounded by loving and brilliant people who actually grew up thinking that they would not be able to experience it – and then suddenly are able to do so. Friday included an amazing rehearsal dinner roast at the Hay-Adams hotel. Saturday’s celebration at the Decatur House featured fun specialty cocktails, the best wedding ceremony I’ve ever heard, an eclectic stationed dinner menu, tons of dancing, and a completely kick ass wedding cake by Fluffy Thoughts. We had a “Survivors” brunch on Sunday at their home, which was the perfect way to end a perfect weekend.


Thank you so much for giving us the perfect wedding weekend we could have never imagined by ourselves. Every event was stellar - perfectly executed, completely thought through, and thoroughly stunning and gorgeous. We can't even do justice to the gratitude and appreciate we feel. Thank you! -Ron and Jon