the invitation suite by Richie Designs
a wide shot of the tent next to the pond
the eagle statue in the backyard with a wreath
the 2 greyhound statues at the front door wear blue bowties
the welcome bags for each guest included Route 11 chips and Virginia peanuts
the flower girl, with a wrreath in her hair, holds a basket made of seat belts
a photo of the entire wedding party
the ring bearer, in a bow tie and suspenders, holds a pillow made of seat belts
the ceremony program pays homage to old fashioned racing posters
the female garden statue has real flowers in her hat
a lion statue on the estate wears a red bow tie
the mother of the bride walks into the ceremony with the couple's German Shepherd, who is wearing a green tie
the bride and her father walk into the ceremony
overhead photo of the ceremony area
the bride and groom's first kiss
escort cards display
close up of the escort cards
the head table in the tent
wicker lounge furniture on the tent deck
lanterns hung above the dance floor and floral orbs hung above the long head table
the green and white flowers sat atop containers made from car parts
The dinner tables were set with a 3 melon amuse bouche
the entrance to the sperry tent was decorate with foliage and a wreath
2002 Dom Perignon
the bride & groom arrive at the reception in a horse drawn carriage
the bride and groom share a first dance
the bride dances with her father
the wedding cake and the groom's cake, which was shaped like a car
fireworks above the sperry tent
fireworks above the sperry tent
a wide shot of the tent late in the evening
the bride and groom dance
The Sperry tent glows with light in the night sky, and reflects in the pond
Bride and groom sit in a 1941 Cadillac at the end of the reception

Merritt and Sean live in Long Beach, California, but decided to hold their wedding at Merritt’s parents’ farm in Upperville, Virginia. Both Merritt and Sean work in the automotive industry, so their wedding design quickly became industrial meets garden tented reception.   Merritt commissioned the floral centerpiece containers to be made out of car parts. The silver pinwheels on the wedding cake are inspired by engine turbines. The bridesmaids wore steering wheel pendant necklaces from Tiffany. The guests sipped on Dom Perignon and the evening was capped off with surprise fireworks over the pond. The bride and groom left the wedding in a classic Cadillac.

I chose Bellwether Events because Janice was all business. On our first phone call she had a prepared set of questions she wanted answered, so the important details were covered. She kept the conversation on topic on what she could deliver and what could be expected of a wedding planner. She was also very virtually connected which was important me when working with someone across the country. On the wedding day all my bridesmaids were complimenting her straightforward delivery and thorough scheduling. Everything went absolutely perfectly with Janice sweating out the details.”-Merritt J. Morris